The I+I collection is directed by Paolo Giordano, one of the
co-founders of I+I in the early nineteen nineties. Though undergoing deep changes since its origin, the collection is still dedicated to valuing artisan excellence combined with good design. In this new I+I project ancient craft, design and industry complement one other in a two way process, teaching us that making can be a way of learning. This is the current language of the I+I collection: some objects are made entirely by hand, others employ technology, all the designs reflect our contemporary attitude.
Paolo Giordano graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano. From there he went on to became a photographer. In the nineteen eighties he collaborated with lifestyle magazines with creative images and acclaimed photomontages. Subsequently he worked for design and architecture magazines such as Abitare, Casa Vogue and Elle Decor. This work took him to India in the mid 90’s where he was fascinated by the high quality artisan work to be seen everywhere. This led him to found I+I, a collection of contemporary design produced by skilled craftspeople in India. He is currently working in the world of design as well as art photography.